Bobbi (formerly Lilly)

After a lot of thought Lilly has be renamed BOBBI as she bobs her head in such a cute way! Bobbi has quickly settled into living with Hamish, (Cairn Terrier - 12 years whom I am minding while his owner is overseas). She smoothers him in kisses first thing in the morning, if they have been parted or just because she gets so excited........this is a new experience for him, but he takes it like a man!

Bobbi is doing very well with house training, even when she is left unattended in the house. Bobbi loves to be groomed every day, nap next to me while I am on the computer, sleep all night, travel in the car, go shopping, get lots of cuddles and kisses, play ball, and exploring in the garden.

Bobbi really looks forward to breakfast, snacks and dinner at 5 pm every day, even though she has to shake her head when she eats.

We go for several walks a day, morning and evening, she has lots of energy. Bobbi gets lots of attention from people when we are out and about, she is very social, and content to sit while I have a tea at a cafe. Sometimes she gets a bit tired and I carry her home and she sleeps all the way!

I am helping her to understand she must be low key and not growl and carry on when other dogs are near her. I think this will take some time as obviously this is part of her response from her previous experiences. So far we have not consulted with the Vet regarding her physical issues, back legs and jaw, but she is so happy anyway. My whole family loves Bobbi, and we feel lucky to have her.