Delby came home with us October 2010 - and right from the start it was as though he had been with us forever! After he had explored his new home and made friends with his new feline brother and sister, he jumped up on the sofa and he and Kooki (dog) snoozed the afternoon away until it was time for walkies!

Dinner time was funny, neither would eat supper until I put their bowls right next to each other - and when it came time for bed, I thought perhaps Kooki would not be too impressed with a little imposter in her domain - WRONG again - up he jumped, and they have slept peacefully on the bed with me.

This weekend Delby had his first trip to the beach - Saturday was glorious - the pics are from Sunday which was not so nice - overcast and windy - but they still had fun!!

In short, I could not have imagined an easier transition - he has simply followed Kooki's lead and does not even bother to get up off the bed to follow me to the front door when I leave for work in the morning - and of course, they are both there jumping about at the door to greet me when I get home!

I am so thrilled that he has settled in so well, and I have been telling his story to all the dog-walking folks we see in the neighbourhood and at the beach.

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