It was easy for us to fall in love with Dougal!

He is a tall, handsome boy with boundless energy, and full of love for us. He is extremely well-behaved and from the day he came to us, has never put a foot wrong in the house even when we leave him alone at home. He did have a few issues that we had to work with, the main one being when he saw other dogs on the street. he would bark, howl and lunge at them and become quite uncontrollable.

We took him to obedience training classes at K9 4 Paws, a training school with special classes for reactive dogs, and he is now very sociable with all the dogs he meets both at training and outside. There is nothing he likes better than to be taken to the off-leash park nearby so that he can play with his special friend Rocky, and the other dogs there.

Dougal has another doggy friend, Lulu the Beagle, who comes over to play with him most days. They have a lot of fun together, and we taken them out walking every morning. Dougal is a very good looking dog, and when we take him out, many people stop to admire him. He adores people and is friendly with everyone, but is very protective of our house and of me. He will bark ferociously at anyone who opens the gate without waiting to be let in by one of us.

Dougal adores toys of all sorts, but his special love is his prized collection of balls. He loves rummaging in his toy box to select his favourite one and then “asks” us to play. When we tire of throwing the ball for him and call out “last one”, he picks the ball up, runs inside and places it in his toy box!

He is a very clever boy, and does extremely well at obedience training, picking up on tricks and agility skills very quickly. He progressed in just one year from the beginners’ class to the top of basic training. At the end of last year Dougal was voted the Most Improved Dog at the school by his trainers, and was given a trophy. Next month he will be assessed to join the Master Class, which is the highest level at the school. As you can imagine, we are bursting with pride at his achievements.

As well as training school and playing in the park, Dougal loves going to his Sheep herding lesson every week. He loves riding in the front seat of Jim’s van, and becomes very excited when we get out into the country and he sees sheep in the paddocks. Herding is an excellent outlet for his boundless energy, and he has become quite skilled at it.

Every night we play a special game with him, where I hide treats in various parts of the house and he goes to hunt for them. After his “find” game, he curls up on Jim’s lap or mine and sleeps contentedly while we watch TV.

Dougal is a never–ending source of fun and interest, and best of all he is crazy about us! We are so lucky to have found him and are really grateful to VicDRG because without them we would not have found him. Thank you from the very bottom of our hearts.