Jack (formerly Pepe)

Life is a ball for Jack ( formerly Pepe) who came into our family and makes us smile everyday.

Jack sleeps in our bedroom, and we're greeted with this happy face, popping up beside the bed each morning. Jack just loves to play with a ball. When he first moved in, his ball rolled under the bed and he had a little sook , as he couldn't get it out. We now have spare balls all over the house, and in the garden. He has so much energy for an older dog, when it comes to chasing a ball, and catching it ,and he loves his daily walks around the lakes or to the coffee shop, or both.

Jack is such a good natured, friendly little boy who loves company and follows me around the house like a shadow. We were a bit concerned he might fret when we first went out at night. The first time he slept at my elderly father's feet, but now after a month, we come home to find him fast asleep in his bed, on his cushion or on the couch. Seeing he cuddles, with us on the couch each night, to watch tv, the couch isn't out of bounds.

Our Grandchildren think he is gorgeous and play ball with him and give him cuddles and he kisses them back.

We would like to wholeheartedly thank Arline, Pierre and Renee Louise, for giving Jack a loving foster home, and Lisa, and everyone at VicDRG, for saving Jack from the pound, so we could find him, and love him, and he to enrich our lives.

Jack, Jack,