I originally met Satin at Elizabeth’s quarantine facility in Mildura just prior to Christmas of 2010. She had jumped out of the holding yard and was just happily mixing it up with the rest of Elizabeth’s own dogs as if to say, “They will never notice that I am not meant to be here”.

No matter how many times Elizabeth put her back, Satin was a master jumper so she would just escape again. Elizabeth had nicknamed her Sweetheart because of her delightful loving nature and to this day, without exception, everyone who meets her comments, “What a Sweetheart!”

In the early days of fostering Satin, she gave me plenty of laughs and plenty of scares thanks to her jumping ability.

The first day she came to me I found her on the kitchen bench nicking the cat food I had put 'out of reach'. (See picture on the right).

Then a few days later I went to the gym and came home to find her gone. She had jumped the side fence and I steeled myself and called Trish to confess to my failure as a carer and safe keeper of this black and tan Houdini. I found her 10 minutes later at the local dog groomers’ salon. She had made her way there and invited herself in. The groomer was about to give her a bath when I spied her through the shop window, enjoying all of the fuss. Satin had left home and had gone looking for me but she had managed to find other good company on the way!

I was always meant to foster Satin and never intended to keep her. There were plenty of applicants for this loving little Kelpie but none seemed to work out. So after six months of frustration I ended up caving in and sending VicDRG her adoption fee. I had fallen head over heels in love with her and couldn't imagine ever saying goodbye to her.

Satin is now best buddies with her Koolie friend and my first VicDRG (failed) foster Yota and now all three of us have a ball together. Satin greets me with special cuddles every time I walk in the door, even if I just go outside for a minute to put out the rubbish. And she snuggles up to me at night and keeps me warm and safe. She is a great little watch dog and her bark is likely to scare away anyone who wasn’t welcome.

Satin has stopped jumping fences nowadays; she knows life with Yota and me is home and she would never dream of leaving. We are pretty happy about that. She's a Sweetheart!


  • Satin on the table stealing food,
  • Satin with Colette,
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