Yinty and Billy

Hi Everyone,

We thought we’d better let you know what has happened to us. We got adopted.

Our foster carer, Kim, couldn’t let us be separated, so she adopted both of us!!!!! We are glad we got to stay together because we had become great friends. We get to play together all day, running around the back yard, chasing each other, playing ball, and when we get tired we have a sleep. Billie is a snoozyhead; he would sleep all day if he could. I like to get up early; I even wake Kim up in the morning. I walk up her body and sit on her head till she wakes up, but she doesn’t growl at me, she just rubs my belly.

p>Kim plays tickle monster with us, and we love it. We might be little boys but we have huge personalities, and we make our family laugh at some of the things we do. We protect our family too, letting them know when strangers come to the door, we might only be little boys but we have big voices.

We have a good life now, but it wouldn’t have been possible without the help of some very caring people. We want to thank the lovely people at the pound, who saw that we were good boys and deserved a good home. Our kind and loving foster carers, who looked after us and taught us love, thank you. Without you we would not have found our forever home. We are very happy boys.

Lots of woofs & licks
Yinty & Billie.

  • Yinty and Billy,
  • Yinty and Billy,
  • Yinty and Billy,