In Memoriam

  • Robbie (formerly Denali)

    Robbie (formerly Denali)

    In the four months we had the joy of him being in our lives he lived life to the full. He loved his walks, loved to chase the birds if they landed on the feeding table, loved to eat carrot whilst I prepared the food for our donkey and miniature pony...

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  • Billy


    We just wanted to let you know that Billy passed away just before Xmas. He had been ill for about 7 weeks. He first began suffering seizures in early November and our Vet thoroughly examined him...

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  • Reggie


    Reggie was diagnosed with two tumours in his anus, rapidly deteriorating and considered inoperable due to his age. He was my little trooper...

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  • Lazlo


    It saddens me to let you know that beautiful little Lazlo has passed. Though we managed his epilepsy for many years on medications, his little body just couldn’t cope anymore and we were forced to say goodbye...

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  • Lew Wordsworth

    Lew Wordsworth

    We have had the privilege of fostering Lewis for the past four months and acknowledge the hard work, time and love given to him by his previous carers, particularly Manze and Caroline who came before and during our time with Lew and also our thoughts to Trisha and Leanne who never gave up on finding Lew the perfect home...

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  • little Pepsi

    little Pepsi

    The death of our beloved Pepsi was very sad and unexpected. Even when we knew what could happen when adopting a senior pet, we always hoped that she would accompany us for at least another 6 years...

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  • Lulu


    RIP To my dearest Lulu, You came into my life from death row Mildura pound as a foster dog with a view to adopt from Vic Dog Rescue, would have been 8 years ago this December. It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with you...

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  • Indi


    When we got Indi she was about 1.5 years old, and very energetic but also quite wary of strangers and timid at times as though she'd been hit. It took her a little bit of time to fully trust us and for a while she was scared when we came near her carrying a rope, the hose or sticks. She did not like strange men at all...

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  • Henrietta


    Little Henrietta, you had a long and loved life after escaping Mildura Pound in 2007. Our little darling Henrietta passed away during the 1st Isolation 14th April 2020...

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  • Matilda


    Rest in Peace Matilda. Miss Matilda from Mildura. Bubbins, Scruffer, my little Ginger Nut, Mathilde...

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in our hearts forever

Here we remember and pay tribute to our rescue dogs and cats that have left us for the Rainbow Bridge.