RIP Coco

Coco is being pts now. Last Friday she came from the pound to the vet where she has been until today. She has a huge mammary tumour, and multiple other problems including bleeding from the nose. Sometimes it is difficult to work long distance when you cannot see the dog and make your own judgement. After much prior contact and running around, a call from the vet practice, with Coco’s distressed panting in the background, made our choice clear. Our philosophy is to do everything we can to alleviate pain and bring the dog to health, even if only for palliative care, but to pts once the dog or cat is in distress with no end in sight.

One of the lovely Mildura locals who helps us, Jan, is going to the vet now to be with Coco to give her a pat and be with her when she is pts. Not a nice role. And one that all of us in rescue have done at different times. Tomorrow her body will be collected and taken to be buried. The final respect that we can give them.

What happened Coco? You were a happy friendly girl. Your assessment said you loved affection, wagged your tail at everyone, that you were a sweet old girl.

Did your person die or go to a nursing home? Did someone decide you needed vetwork they couldn’t give you so they turned you loose in the street rather than allowing you at least a death with someone you loved present? Were you handed from person to person with you, and the love and loyalty you offered, just a disposable item?

We are so sorry Coco that you couldn’t be with us for longer so we could find you a home to live out your time, with people who loved you.

And we are a civilised country!! We tell other countries how they should do things!!! We at Victorian Dog Rescue are ashamed of our state, our government, and their attitude to these precious lives which is reflected in the treatment – the cruelty, the disregard, and the irresponsibility - meted out to them by individuals.

  • Coco,
  • Coco,