RIP Lazlo

It saddens me to let you know that beautiful little Lazlo has passed. Though we managed his epilepsy for many years on medications, his little body just couldn’t cope anymore and we were forced to say goodbye.

Lazlo found himself in the safe care of Victorian Dog rescue in 2012 from Moira Pound before joining our family. He was 5 years young when we adopted him and he had been in 6 other homes before finding himself in the pound. His fur was in quite a state when he came into care with his foster carer stating "it looked like he was plugged into a light socket".

When we adopted Lazlo him his little body was fully shaved with a podgy belly and a tongue missing a section on the end. He had such a big personality and his coat was glorious when it grew back out.

As a foster carer myself Lazlo would always welcome foster dogs, showing them around the house and where the water bowls were. He would always check up on everyone. He would cuddle our 18year old dog Milly in her bed if she was having an off day and sit by our dog Dexter’s side on the deck watching the birds in the backyard.

He may have been a little boy but he had a huge heart. Other then food, cuddles were most important for Lazlo. He could never have too many and his extra soft fluffy coat would snuggle into our arms as he looked up at us with his beautiful loving eyes.

Memories are an important part of our life and I hold on to every single one very tightly that I have been so privileged to share with Lazlo. All the holidays we spent at beaches together, the open gardens we explored, as well as the parks and cafes we visited. Lazlo has taken a part of my heart with him as I held him in my arms for the last time.

Always loved and forever missed.