RIP Little Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear was one of our back yard breeder dogs, living outside, no vetwork.  Teddy Bear has now joined her friend Snowball.  Thank you to our fantastic adopter for taking all four little dogs into her home and her heart.

“Teddy Bear was the little mother of our pack. She was so nurturing, caring and sweet, but if anyone got out of line she would peck them back into line, literally! She rounded the others up by pecking at them with her nose, it was so cute!

She was never far behind us, she loved to follow us around the house, so loyal and grateful for every pat and every cuddle.

She was the skinniest and tiniest out of all the dogs, but by far the toughest! We used to call her 'tough Teddy' or 'Teddinator'. Nothing fazed her, she was one determined little lady.

Not having her around the house is so sad, she was such a joy and truly a ray of sunshine for us. We love you with all our heart, Teddy Bear, and are so grateful we got to spend the last years of your life with you, it was such a gift.”

Tara and Dave

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