Ex Puppy Farm Dog Suki

Ex Puppy Farm Dog Suki

Update: Great news, our lovely Suki has been adopted.

Here is our lovely ex puppy farm dog Suki.  Some of you will remember that she was on the website last year and then we had to take her off as we realised she need an operation, crating and rest for her leg.  Her luxating patella operation carried out by Chris Preston has been a great success but unfortunately we were advised that there would not be a return on operating on her hip.   So even though she is only middle aged Michelle from Dogs in Motion has advised us we should treat her as a senior with quite bad arthritis in her hip. 


She definitely needs the company of another dog and would love to live with a middle aged to senior dog about her size or smaller.   Suki   will just need the usual supplements for arthritis and pentosane injections every year.

She is such a sweet girl and deserves the best.  If the world overwhelms her she will just take herself off to a quiet spot.  Look at her eyes – they tell their own story.

Thanks so much to the Pawsome Place Prahran for their grooming and BecBrindleyphotography for their photos,  www.facebook.com/PawsomePlace/.

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