Your donations hard at work...

Pets in need

We support a gorgeous wolfhound who is the beloved companion of a homeless man. When Hooch was diagnosed with cancer in October we arranged his surgery by a well-known specialist. Hooch had to have several ribs cut and a tumour the size of a tennis ball was removed. His prognosis is uncertain but 8 months later he is still going strong and we support him by vet treatment as necessary and supplying good quality food.

Senior dogs and cats

We continue to have more and more senior dogs and cats in our care. We recently rehomed an 18-year old cat to a lovely lady. He was living in a shed after his person had died. Similarly we rehomed a lovely 13 year-old Maltese who is now enjoying lots of comfort and activity in his new home.
Sadly some are too old or not well enough to be rehomed such as the two 12-year-old King Charles Cavaliers in foster care. One of these, Lucy, is in palliative care with cancer. We consider it a privilege to be able to give these dogs love, care and whatever vet treatment is necessary in their final months or years.

We don’t give up

For over a year we have supported Elton, who damaged his spine jumping off a sofa. After a very involved operation, Elton has undergone 12 months of intensive therapy. We were told if he wasn’t walking in 6 months he would not. But we don’t give up on our dogs and Elton is now walking! And being adopted by the foster carer who cared for him through most of this time.

Educating foster carers

On behalf of the Dog Rescue Association of Victoria we have written a 150 page foster care manual to enable the foster carers of groups like ours to better understand the dogs in their care and what makes for a good foster care process, with a brief overview of the companion animal welfare system in Victoria.