Stories Like This Are Why We Do What We Do

Stories Like This Are Why We Do What We Do

Stories like this are why we do what we do and a wonderful example of how
your support actually transforms lives!

After being locked outside (rain, hail or shine) for 10 years with Tia's mammary tumours growing to the size of tennis balls, these beautiful, loving dogs were abandoned by their owner in their senior years. Thankfully, rather than surrendering them to a shelter where Tia would have most likely been put down due to her tumours leaving a broken hearted Toby alone at 10, their owner surrendered them to us. Tia was in a terrible way with her many tumours so big that we didn't think she would live long.

However after placing them in a loving foster home (where they are very much inside dogs!), with the support of our wonderful donors we paid for Tia to have two major operations to have her tumours removed.

We can hardly believe that these are the same two dogs who were surrendered to us. They are now house trained, living in the lap of luxury in their new home (with their devoted foster carers and furry family members), well fed, walked and healthy. Tia's missing eye where she was attacked by a dog in the past does not seem to worry her.

Due to her health issues Tia will remain in permanent foster care with Toby in their new home and their new Dad is adopting Toby so that they can stay together with their new family.

Tia and Toby are happier than we ever thought possible - we cannot believe the difference! We don't think they can quite believe it either and they seem to say with their eyes each night: "Is this real? Can we really sleep inside in a warm bedroom all together with our family? Can my belly really be rubbed like I love now that all my tumours are gone?"

We were only able to save and transform the lives of these beautiful, loving dogs because of our generous supporters. Thank you so much for supporting VDRG, your donations really do save lives!